Featuring the work of LOCAL ARTISTS
  • Personalized Sign Workshop THURSDAY SEPT. 20

    Select THREE colors for your sign and type them in the box. If you like the way the example looks just type AS IS or you will need to pick colors for the Background, Last Name/Initial, and Other Text

    The AOB Artist's Loft presents our Personalized Sign Workshop.  All ages welcome

    Get ready for fun and creativity!

    Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine!!  

    Select your favorite colors and design from the two examples and we'll do the rest! 

        1.  Initial... 24" wide x 8" tall...cut from 1" solid pine

        2.  Centered... 24" wide x 8" tall...cut from 1" solid pine

    All materials are provided. 

    You are more than welcome to bring your own snacks and beverages, too!

    Register before the 16th for the Tuesday class...and the 18th for the Thursday class