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  • AOB "BOOM" BOX Subscription box service

    Free Shipping!
    We know how much y'all LOVE the Outer Banks, so why not have a beach surprise sent right to your front door every 3 months? We have OVER 100 unique local artists, and we would be thrilled to share them with you! 
    INTERESTED??  All you need to do is click a few boxes and BOOM, we will create a wonderful SURPRISE box that contains 4 to 6 AMAZING items...made right here in paradise <3.
    The first BOOM box will ship at the end of May '18 AND it ships for FREE!!!
    If you sign up for a monthly box and opt to no longer receive the boxes, you will be billed $4 per box received prior to cancellation.
    Invoices will be sent  according to how often you subscribe.